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Will you please help me explain a situation I now find myself in. I posted as christopher2 until yesterday. Then a cristopher2 posted. Both of us from cornwall. I changed my name to Verdun to avoid conflict. Other members on this forum think I am playing a silly game. Ths evening there is a Cornish Chris,posting too so there is currently confusion on the forum. I have decided to leave the forum but would you please sort this issue for me?

I'm not Daniel, but I hope you don't mind me putting in my two penn'orth.  

I have no problem with you calling yourself Verdun.  I soon realised you were the former Christopher2 as going back a few days and clicking on your avatar revealed you as one and the same person.  No problem.

I don't see why some people should mind you changing your name, and I don't see why they feel this was done in some underhand way.  I don't see why they feel you've done it in the wrong order or whatever it is they're going on about. In my humble opinion they're being ridiculous.  This is an open public horticultural forum, not a private club where they can instigate specific codes of behaviour, other than the general ones about not to abuse, incite etc.  none of which you've done as far as I can see.  If they think you should have handled the situation in some other way well that's their opinion, but you're entitled to do what you feel is right and best for you.

I'll be really sad if you leave the site, partly because I feel you have a lot to contribute and I've enjoyed your posts, but also because I feel they will have won. I've seen that sort of bullying on other boards (in particular some of the BBC boards) and it is despicable.

Verdun, I'm sending you a private message.  I hope you will read it.

Hear hear! I've only been here a few weeks but you've solved most of my gardening problems and I've enjoyed our chatter.
Dove, that was brilliant. Thank you. From the start I have read your posts with great interest and always look forward to them. I haven't read your private message yet but will do so soon. You sound really nice. And you Supernoodle, that was good of you. I will continue on the forum now, changed my mind on reading these posts, but I guess I will think a bit more in future instead of posting impulsively as is my way. Thanks folks.

I don't want to drag out this situation unnecessarily but I have been following the threads and I think that the poster who deliberately chose the same name (apart from h) and identical location is a wind up merchant who just wanted to cause conflict and sadly has done so. Everyone who loves a garden is wanted here and, Verdun, there are enough people recently who have told you that you are one of them for you not to let the WUMs drive you away.


Muvs Dashwood

I have to say that I find this forum cliquey and some of the posts can come across as almost rude. I just tend to read posts now and now hardly post anything myself.


Please stay Chris / Verdun. There are not many proper gardeners in Cornwall so I need all the mates I can get 

Not sure what you mean by cliquey-you always get a small community on forum- -and can't say I have noticed any rude postings either-perhaps a difference of opinion sometimes?

As regards Verdun and his upset-I for one would hate to see anyone driven off this forum-so Verdun please stay and carry on regardless.


It should be impossible to register with a name already in use so this needs looking at by Daniel and the systems team.

Apart from that I would suggest you relax and keep posting as Verdun, formerly known as Christopher 2, and do you best to ignore idiotic and troll like behaviour.  It is only an anonymous forum after all and most of us are here to enjoy exchanges of info and friendly banter about gardens and all things gardening.   The real posters won't always agree with each other but they won't be spiteful or nasty.


Hey, thanks everyone. ESP dove. Beginning g to feel wanted again...aaaaaah!
Muvs Dashwood

You never feel there is a clique unless you are not in it. And by rude I mean terse, snippy even or abrupt and those that are, are usually telling others to lighten up. Just my impression/experience of this site that's all. Doesn't stop me looking atm.

Muvs Dashwood wrote (see)

You never feel there is a clique unless you are not in it. And by rude I mean terse, snippy even or abrupt and those that are, are usually telling others to lighten up. Just my impression/experience of this site that's all. Doesn't stop me looking atm.

I asked Verdun to lighten up-and will not apologise for that-I repeat this is just a gardening forum-but doesn't have to be serious or just about gardening-it is what you make it

Sometmes the short answer is more helpful-does that make them terse,snippy or abrupt?

As for a clique if you are referring to the long running chat thread- there is no clique all- are welcome to join in and many do.


Caz W

As a newish member, I had been reading the long running chat thread for a few days and was a bit nervous of joining in.  However, I popped in and said hello and was immediately welcomed by all and now I'm so glad I did.  I love to read all the threads but sometimes it's great just to pop in and have a chat and a bit of lighthearted banter and you're guaranteed to have a laugh and see a different side to our gardening experts.

Muvs Dashwood

Like I said, it has been MY experience but I still like reading the posts and looking at the photos.

Daniel Haynes

Hello verdun, Thanks for your post and apologies for the delay in getting back to you. I would like to echo the sentiments posted above, and hope that you will continue participating in the forum. I'm happy to say that the forum is generally a friendly, constructive place, where people feel comfortable sharing ideas and opinions - we get comparatively little of the 'sniping and griping' that is all too familiar on other forums. Long may that continue! I hope we'll be hearing more from you.

(If anyone does come across any behaviour they think is inappropriate, or contrary to our forum code of conduct, do please use the 'Report the moderator' function, and we'll look into it. Alternatively, feel free to direct message me.)

Daniel Haynes



Daniel, thanks for your post - it's a problem only when we don't know quite how to deal with it.  There are always one or two voices who speak out of turn - there are lots of very serious forums (fora??) on the web - maybe they would enjoy those more.  Love the chat here, and that so many of the posters came from the old BBC site which closed, and were accepted and joined in with the people already here.  We all need information and help, and sometimes it is nice to be able to offer some as well  --  or even just to moan about squirrels and pigeons. 

Thanks Daniel, but you have not addressed the root cause of the problem, viz., my name being so similar to that of someone else. Its unfortumate too that both of us are in Cornwall so it looks as though I am talkIng to myself. Because I changed my name, to avoid two christopher2's, it has caused additional issues. Can you make sure such remarkably similar names are not used in the forum?
Although the forum has over reacted....myself included...... I think it a useful and generally beneficial site but please, Daniel, you need to preempt such an issue occurring again by checking forum names when new members join.

Verdun, I think the problem is that human beings (even Daniel ) don't actually play any part in checking the joining process - it's all done by computer, that's why the mischief-maker (and I do believe it was someone intending to cause mischief) only needed to change one letter of your name to be able to register it as their own.  If someone chose to register as Dowefromabove the computer would recognise it as different to Dovefromabove and allow it.  It's the same sort of technology that chucks us out of our online bank account if we get one letter of our password wrong - it's there to protect us but it doesn't actually have a brain and think, 'Aha, this looks a bit suspicious - we'll disallow it' - unfortunately. 

Dove I guess it's best to let it all settle then. Again, thanks a lot
Daniel Haynes

Hello again. Dovefromabove is quite right that we don't influence the screen 'nickname' that people choose when registering with the site. We request that people don't register company names or commercial web addresses, but beyond that the choice is theirs. If anybody does have any concerns, then do use the 'Report to moderator' function.