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Stacey Docherty

Kef I think he is the only moderator on the site.... In light of everything I think they should look at having some volunteer mods....


Stacey it's "beyond" me. But do think we need some active moderation on our forum.



Not sure how much of the forum Daniel reads  KEF. When there was that major meltdown recently he was on it quite a bit to update everyone but from what I can see he's only aware of issues if someone lets him know. Not totally sure about it all though. I PMd him that time as the whole thing was going down and I think I was just lucky because I couldn't get anything to work shortly after that either!

I just thought I'd do  it this time in case it all went awol again! 


Glad you did Fairy


Who's to say Daniels pm is working. lol That would be funny if he was not getting them as well.   




You've taken that too far! 

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