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Hi just wondered if I am the only one having problems with trying to get the iPad version of GW. Registered with them over a month ago. Downloaded the app tried to log in and says doesn't understand my email or password. Tried to get onto there website to see if my password was wrong by using the reminder and says 'sorry need password to do this' which is what I am trying to find out. Went back on site and tried to first edit my details which it wouldn't let me do, so tried to create a new account and says 'I am already registered with these details'. I have been using computers since 1986 and find this site frustrating to use. I emailed them and told them through their link which is buried within their questions and answers and they replied saying my email wasn't registered. This is a complete joke. Be quicker to rip out the old pages from the past mags and scan them in as PDFs. Can't they just sort this out for me Cheers Ziggy
Finally after a few emails back and forth I can now log on and download the digital edition. First I didn't exist, then I resent all my details to them which they reset. So put my old subscriber information in and it now works.

Is it possible to archive these from the iPod or can I log on my computer and download them as PDFs. Reason for asking is I could then recycle the print version when finish reading them

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