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Shrinking Violet

I don't have a problem with advertisements, after all, they help to fund this site - but every time I come on to the GW site, the wretched B & Q advert is right there!  On the right of the screen.  And moving.  It scrolls down.  It is a visual distraction.  It is driving me mad!  Surely it could be static at least? 


Install Ablocker. that gets rid of them. It's the moving ones that made me install it

Shrinking Violet

Bit of a computer numpty here - what's Ablocker and where do I get it!  (Help!  Me eyes are crossing as I type and the ad scrolls up and down!!)


..but you're missing Alan Titchmarsh's cheery face.... he brightens up my day...


Shrinking Violet

Alan doesn't move (on this page, Salino) and whilst not exactly eye candy, is at least -  ummm - innocuous   (btw I'm a great fan of his on Saturday mornings on Classic fm - perhaps the sound is better than the visual???)

Salino my age I can't be so choosy

Shrinking Violet

Seems to have worked.  Many thanks! 

Now, then Salino - being choosy with regard to the sainted AT is gardening heresy

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