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I have just left a reply on the blog section and it has gone on twice and I don't know why. Also, sometimes the font size goes very very large and when you refresh it is back to normal size. Can anyone help, there is probably a simple explanation.


I get the changing font size from time to time - it's one of the problems on the techies' list of things to fix,  but probably not the most urgent 


There's always something strange going on but as long as i can get on the site, then read and make posts, I don't worry about it.


Thank you Dove and nut I was starting to think it was just me. At least I now know. Happy New Year


I find I post a message twice if I click on the 'back' arrow at the top left.


star gaze lily

I get the problem with font size too also get quotes come up twice, sometimes quite sometime apart, spooky 

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