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Interested to see what other's experience is but recently I have been getting many, many more emails from Gardeners World than normal.

I don't mind them now again describing certain offers or features but recently it gets out of hand. One every other day.

I have had to unsubscribe as I there doesn't seem any way to filter them to what I'm interested in - No I am not interested in gardening holidays that I can't afford but Yes I am interested in spring bulbs...

Happy New Year.

Doghouse Riley

Unfortunately, these companies use what I call a "shotgun technique" when it comes to e-mails. (They're bound to "hit" something).  They aren't selective  they just send them to the whole mailing list.

Last edited: 30 December 2017 09:49:43

That's what I thought though they seem to have increased their frequency a lot more recently.

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