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i seem to be having trouble entering the competitions. i cant seem to select an answer. i'm really not very technically minded! so could someone please tell me how to do it. the form always appears, which is easy to fill in, but there is never a box to tick or way of eleminating the other answers, thank you


This will be dependent on your operating system and the version of windows that you are running, I can enter on my PC but not on my laptop. Oddly if I keep clicking on the correct answer it does seem to recognise it.


has anyone won anything yet? i enter most of them and stil nothing.

Google chrome doesn't seem to work but Internet Explorer does !

I can't do it either - I keep clicking on the right answer and nothing happens VERY frustrating. So you think logging in via IE will work, then? Ok, thanks, I will try that. Why wouldn't it work on Google Chrome though?


Hi neatbush,
I have won a set of gardening books by Lucy Summers and the Around The World in Eighty Gardens DVD set by Monty Don. So don't despair keep on trying. Good luck.

I've tried to enter competitions too but like you never been able to submit them on line. Buy the magazine then enter them is the best way.  I believe Gardener's World want internet users to be able to enter free, so to speak.


I enter all the competitions using my laptop - perfectly easy - never had a problem.  I've also just entered one using my iPhone - perfectly straightforward.

If you're having problems contact the website team - contact details at the foot of this page.


Thank you dove.  The submit button is sometimes missing,  Tried a few minutes later and it worked.  However is always a bit hit and miss.  Much safer to buy the magazine and there is such a lot of info in it.  Would recommend.


Hello Artylive, sorry to hear you've been having issues entering competitions. Sounds like a device or server issue. Can you drop us an email on and we'll look into why this might be happening.

I've never enter any of the  competitions because i can't see the padlock in the address bar for security, so i'm not sure if it's safe to add personal info??


Just done them all on iPad. That works

you don't need to put in any bank details Mr.

I know it's not asking for bank info, but it asks for name, address and tel phone number which i don't like putting in if it's not secure


If you're a member of the forum those details will populate automatically from the details you put into the database when you  joined up.  That's what happens with mine anyway

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