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I have never used a forum before, having spent my life getting information from printed books, but why is there no equivalent to a book's index in the form of a FAQ section? It seems to me it would save a lot of repetition. Sometimes people ask virtually the same question in the same day.


Its not easy finding subjects covered alredy.

There's no need of a FAQ section is there?  The questions come in or the comments do as and when they occur.  Also a "newby" has a personal answer to his or her question and we get to know that person that way. It doesn't really matter if a question is repeated.  They're not being asked for the sake of it.  Besides, someone different may answer with a slightly different perspective. I dont mind of a question is duplicated.  The answers come in the form of conversation.  this is an informal spontaneous forum.....don't like the idea of a reference section. Sorry Waterbutts.

There's a 'How to.... section which I found helpful when first joining.

I don't think there's a need for a FAQ section either, it's good to talk, share knowledge and idea's even if Q's are sometimes repeated.


also the search option brings up forum questions - the ultimate index



I agree with Verdun.  

Right. Message received and understood.

By the way, ifanyone has been wondering where they can find a Patek Philippe watch for somene's birthday they can just put "faqs" into Search and they will find a load of people wantng to help.


Because I'm daft I put fags into search and didn't find a watch...I'll keep using the sundial.   I'll get my coat.

If you put fags in you should get Cannabis sativa surely?


Kef, you have missed your vocation. Should be on the stage.


I put fags in and got something altogether different.....


Stop it you two!!! I'll be sitting here all day at this rate.


I agree TT, the boggles, but if it raises a smile I'm there


It's nice to ask,  I know I've asked things that have been proberly covered before. If everyone looked up their problem in FAQ's found the answer, and never posted it would no longer be a forum and more of a wiki.

Yesterday there was a post about sweetpea's he had 3 posts on this forum and someone told them to go to a FAQ for sweetpea, their comment was so rude and not friendly at all, it almost made me mad, and that coming from someone with thousands of posts is disgusting.



There are plenty of places on the web where you can look things up. I like the different opinions and discussion you get on the forum.


I enjoy answering questions even if I only know the answer because I've read it on a previous thread, shows me my brain is working.

If it's somthing I already knew, or a plant I recognise I'm thrilled.

Some of the things I've asked and had great answers to have probably been on here loads of time, but it's nice to get a personal answer.

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