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I would like advice on finding a climbing plant that is easy to look after and grows very fast.  I would like to cover my front garden fence asap.  The fence is south facing and receives plenty of sunshine. My soil is poor.

Any advice would be most apprechiated.


Emma Crawforth

Hello ipec,

I love morning glory. You can start sowing it now under glass. It's cheap as you grow it from seeds. In the summer it will cover a few feet if you put some strings up for it to climb. Sow plenty of seeds then plant a few plants along the base of your fence, giving each one a string to climb. Do make sure you water your plants frequently, and they will give you a great display. Unfortunately they will die off in the winter, but by then you could have started to establish a perennial, like a clematis.

I hope your fence is looking great in a few months,

Emma team

Thanks for advice.

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