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I'm sure that there will be a thread for any question I might want to ask, as everyone seems so knowledgeable!  Is there a search facility for the site, and if so how do I use it?


The search facility is a little idiosyncratic, but it does work.  At the top of the page you'll see a box which says Search this site.  If you click on the magnifying glass to the right of it, it will bring up another Search box where you can type the subject you want to search for.

But don't worry about asking questions that have been asked before - we don't mind answering and if we remember there's been a thread about it we can post a link for you - if we can find it 


There is a sort of search but I think it's better to start a new thread for your question. Put something relevant to the question in the title then people will know what it's about.

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