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I'm trying to find a thread I started several weeks back so I can update it with the latest photos.  I click on "My posts" and it lists "15 of 35" discussions started by me.  When I click to go to the next two lists of 15, the site takes me to "Latest posts" instead.  How can I get into my older posts please?

Paul Charnock

clicking your profile, I can see 20 pages of your old posts


Thanks, I found it in the end.  But I had to scroll through all my posts.  On the right in a separate column is the much shorter list of threads I've started, that's the list I was trying to view, but it won't let me past the first fifteen.


Try Followed threads



Another way to find posts on an old thread is to do a Search.

I've just successfully tried this with a thread I started in 2013 (I made this experiment especially for you!)

The critical thing is to enter a suitable keyword into the Search box (at the top of the page in the right hand corner). If you know there was a particular word that stands a good chance of being pretty unusual or unique for this forum, then using that should find you the posting in which you used it.

I can't get past the first page of threads that I started either. I have 3 pages of them and if I try to click on pages 2 or 3 they take me to the latest posts on the forum.

Kitty 2

Best way to find your posts & threads on here is to click on your avatar or name within the thread. 

⬆Up here...  

Not the one in the corner ↗...

That one takes you to the old format, which is Gubbins.

The search function on the site is also full of glitches (which Nora acknowledges).  I tend to search using google, type in your key words followed by gardeners world forum.  Works for me .

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Thanks Kitty. That works

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