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joyce mannell

i am new to this site

i cant find my threads or swaps list 

i need to save this page  for easy access

i havent receaved any replies if anyone wants any of my seeds 



Click on 'latest posts' then look along that bar to the right and you'll see Followed Threads - that'll give you the threads you've posted on.

And in Settings, you'll find My Messages, so if anyone has Messaged you you'll find them there.

And somewhere in Settings you can set it up so you get an email when a thread you've posted on gets another post, provided you've not disabled it by un-ticking the box at the bottom of the thread.

Hope that helps 


Well that answers the very question I was about to ask - I had a look in settings and now see how simple it is. One thing though and at the risk of sounding stupid, what is the messages bit for? Is that different from getting replies to posts?



You can send messages to another person using their nick name on this forum so that only they will get it, not everyone else.

We have done a swap Joyce, maybe it's a bit late for your seeds to be wanted as by now most people have got what they want. Are there any seeds you want, as sometimes people will send without a swap.
In the summer, people will need to start sowing their biennial s and perennial s, it may pick up again then.
Woodgreen wonderboy

My threads have disappeared, and I have no record of the many posts I have made. Can any one help please?


I think there is a bit of a problem at the moment WW, they are probably updating site, normally you can just click on your name by the login box then click on my posts, I am getting oops! at the moment, but it will be righted soon I should think.


It is this tech issue again-everyone is in the same boat-when it it is fixed normal service hopefully will be resumed

I can reveal you have made 72 posts-hover over your avatar-but to not click ignore

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