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Several threads which I have contributed to, have not gone onto my followed threads. Indeed, some I have started eg Spawn 2014 is not in my followed threads either...any ideas why? Not a big pproblem but annoying tracking back to follow a thread you are actively involved in or trying to remember its title! Thanks.

Daintiness, I have the same problem. I search my threads about clematis ( and a couple of others im interested in at the moment) by 'search this site' at the top of he page. Not sure why this happens. I have pm'd Daniel but marked it as not urgent and no response yet.
hollie hock

I don't think ever really used the followed threads options. If I want to find something I have a look at my posts and then click the link from there

F. Threads used to work really well hollyhock. Just the last few weeks/months have been a problem.

This is a nuisance, as I don't get email notifications any more so I use followed threads to find out about threads I have posted on.



 I have had a response from Daniel, most of which is below, hope it's helpful:  

"the replies notification wasn't activated on those particular threads. The reason for this was that 'default of off' was ticked in the 'Replies notification' section of 'My settings'."


Thanks Mrs Garden. I have turned my setting on getting notifications off as my in box got clogged up with them. This thread which I have started and responded to has not made it to my followed thread list and I had to go to forum topic to find it easily. Things drop down the pages very quickly and turning to the search box for each thread is very time consuming. Hoping Daniel will respond to this thread.


Hi Folks,  I have the same problem I have switched off notifications because it fills up my in box. Some of the threads I have responded/started have appeared on followed thread list and some have not.  Even though it is switched off I still get notifications from Hello Forkers but not any of the others.  However, Hello Forkers is only one of 5 threads that appear on my followed list but I dont get notifications about the other 4. Its confusing and annoying.


Hi the advice doesnt work.  This thread appeared on my followed threads with notification switched off.  I then went to settings and switched notification back on but grouped.  I posted on one of my favourite threads and lo and behold it didnt appear on my followed threads list.  How can I contact Daniel to raise this as an issue.


I have personal messaged Daniel and hope he will respond as things have not improved - hit and miss with followed threads!

Beaus Mum

I have a problem with emEmail notifications going into my junk mail 

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