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The Doctor

Would the forum benefit from a 'For Sale' section

You can have sub topics for seeds, tools, wanted misc etc 



Nice idea -but-there have been instances of people with commercial interests using this site as a free advertisment for their products and that is not on and postings have been removed

The moment you have a for sale section that opens the floodgates -how will it administered ,how will money change hands, what guarantees are there, refund policies etc

My feeling is e-bay does that job.

A swap shop might work but again pitfalls-could cause bad feeling if you got rubbish in exchange for good

Just a few thoughts- anything like this would need approval of the site as well I guess


A swap shop sounds a great idea!


I have done loads of seed swaps and have now decided its cheaper just to buy the seeds half the time. You end up having to send a large SAE plus the price of  a normal stamp so you are already up to about £1.30 or something. You might as well buy a whole pack of fresh seed for that  

But a section for sale stuff/and or swap shop and maybe a notice board, detailing allotment open days, garden shows, etc might be of interest in your area.

The Doctor

I was thinking in the way to work this morning, there could be a line of merch. i.e. polo's shirts, gloves, hats or jackets with the sites logo on? I dont know how the site is run but the profits could go twoards running the site or even something else.

Dan x



The Gardeners' World magazine and this site are as I understand it run under licence from the BBC-Gardeners' World is a BBC title-adverts that appear on this site help fund it-any merchandising is a long convoluted enterprise.


A swapshop would be good especially if you are looking for particular plants etc.I do alot of cuttings and have some rare ones such as buddejlea "summer gold" which is easy to grow and has bright yellow flowers instead of the common blue or white ones.

I live in a street of 30 houses and find that the neighbours want LARGE plants only(for instant gardens) or are suspicious of me and come up with comments like"....why are you doing this?" Maybe they think that I want something from them!! Yet they go into garden centres and buy plants which cost the earth and want to know why they died!

As a result, my garden is full of pots, very like a garden centre! I do give plants to school fetes but this year they told me that they could not sell them as they were too small.



Please could you have a look at my post in the PLANTS section @Jatnikapyar


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