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just bear with it.  it will be sorted. Absence makes the heart grow fonder so when I start responding to all the posts again you will all love me....

then I can ask you all for money!


I feel bad now but I wasn't complaining about the site's content - it is fabulous. I just get a bit antsy about security but since so many of you choose not to log out I suspect I may be erring on the side of neuroticness (sp?) neurosis.  I'll wait patiently til Monday then KEF and thanks John for the info re recuperating lost text.


What seems to be the problem, am I missing somthing? I am having no problems opening threads or posting, including photos. Don't get any e-mails, but don't want any anyway.


Me the same Sue!


So, are you both saying that the forum looks as it normally does and all recent posts are registering correctly under each of the headings. When I look at mine Fairygirl is the last poster on this thread at about 9.30 this morning.  Neither of your names have registered and to update posts you have to hit F5 or refresh button.  I am asking out of interest.  Most odd.

What have you to feel bad about Lavende?  Can't see that you've said anything untoward. I don't ever bother to log out of sites like this. Just makes it easier to pop in and out which I do on a regular basis. Too much time on my hands.



For being so hasty in sending off an email - I'm the only one to go on about security which I realise now is unlikely since so many of you are experiencing the same thing and being more philosophical about it.   You can tell how computer literate I am.

thecatsmother wrote (see)

Yes we all pay a lot to use this forum and they must spend time sorting out this for us.


Oh, sorry, it's free and they get nothing out of it (except certainly costs of hosting/storage etc and perhaps even a negative effect as we all get answers from each other instead of subscribing to the magazine....)


I pay for most of my other fora...................


i have to agree with you there.. it is a free site and at times must need maintenance on it.. so runs slower or not at all.. but that is all part of computer systems for ya.. if i cant get on i just switch off and do it later.. there is nothing on this forum that is so urgent it will harm u if you dont respond or ask a question about that instant you able to get on..

this is a brilliant forum and i wish to keep it... so please lets not moan about not being able to post for some hours while its on the go slow..


GF, if we don't inform the powers that be that there are problems, how are they going to put it right. Regular posters have been aware of the biggest problem since Friday, but what about new or irregular posters that won't know what's happening.  What we have tried to do is make them aware that they are not being ignored but that the forum is malfunctioning.

It's not a 'go slow'.  That we can all cope with. It's a definite problem and we will lose posters if not rectified asap.

Now is this going to post or not, I ask!!


i understand your ocncersn.. but i dounbt it will lose posters through it.. this is a forum and i use lots of them.. and this ones has the lest problems of them all for running..

was told never to complain about something i could use for free.. and  i am sure they were aware if it before anything was said.. have you heard back form them to say why it was not running right?

i once again put it down to maintainence. which is required every now and then to keep it running as it does.


I like a challenge and was quite pleased to find I still have the mental capacity deal with how the forum's working. There's a lot of dementia runs in my family and I like to check my own functioning from time to time


I can see 6\7 post since fairygirl at 9.30.!

It seems the same to me. I always backspace anyway to get back to where I was. perhaps thats what folks are questioning.?

Its not a bit slow on here, just as normal, if I hadnt read this thread I wouldnt have known anything was wrong. Strange?



Very, in view of what everyone else is experiencing.

Have just checked and this post has not registered. Why's that do you think?

Have had to hit F5 for it to do so.

i know the forum is free but its not working on my ipad and is haphazard on desktop.  there is clearly an issue.  the forum is financed by ads, etc so there are vested interests in it operating as it should

I predict a riot, I predict a riot

joslow wrote (see)

I predict a riot, I predict a riot

I don't 



Nor me. We are too civilised and are a happy, very patient bunch.


I'm still having to hit f5 to get it to update. Even if it is on the PC at work.  My kindle stopped at updated to 23.09 last night.  Macbook was working with F5 this morning.



Frustrating but we are finding ways to work around it and smilng through. look for ythe positives in life.If the weather was better I could say there was more time to garden as less posting getting done.


welli dont understand.. i am not having a trouble at all.. maybe it is your running .. i find explorer is bad.. since i have been on fire fox i have no problem with things running at all..