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It's strange alright something to do with cacheing and cookies i think. forcing a reload with f5 or the circular arrow seems to work.

Feel sorry for who gets the job of figuring out whats not configured correctly.


its not tight whereis everyone . holidays 

Given up and gone home, archiepem. Got bored with pressing f flippin' 5.


Blackest, I don't want to hear you say that. You're the top man. Now I'm worried. Thought you might like to revive your temporary forum.

gardeningfantic wrote (see)

welli dont understand.. i am not having a trouble at all.. maybe it is your running .. i find explorer is bad.. since i have been on fire fox i have no problem with things running at all..

I have firefox too gardeningfantic but i'm experiencing the same problems.  Anyway, now I know to press refresh etc I can live with it for a bit longer as I'm sure it will be resolved soon.  Desperately hoping for some long awaited rain.  Sorry anyone who feels they are having more than their fair share.  Everything is dry and crisp here....and it is so hot and heavy.



I can take the rain Lavande. I've got hundreds of babies in pots and it gives me a day off watering


Me too Nut !  I was saying to OH earlier, this is perfect weather for gardeners - 3 or 4 nice days and then a downpour - keeps everything fresh, but also lets you get out there and enjoy it too.  2013 will be a summer to look back on with a smile


i think so chicky, I have plants that have never really done well for me in the past, Monardas, heleniums, echinacea. they're looking great. and all those things I planted later than I should have done are doing OK with no help from me.

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone,

I'm very sorry for the current problems with the forum. There seems to be an issue with the caching of temporary site files, which the tech team are currently looking into. Hopefully they'll get to the bottom of the issue and implement a fix shortly. Thank you for bearing with us.



gardenfantic - I don't use explorer either so it's not that.

As  Daniel has said here - hopefully the issues will be fixed soon and we'll all be happy bunnies!!

Thanks Daniel 


Yes, thanks Daniel. I've gone from blonde to silver over the weekend. 

No lunchbreaks or going home early for the techi bods.


Only posting on here to see if it gets to the top of the list as I've just read that it's not working properly.  Seemed OK to me.

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone,

An update of sorts on the problem with the notification emails...

I've just had a meeting with our helpdesk manager, who advised me that the problem is affecting several of the websites they manage, so it seems to be an issue with the publishing platform we use. A developer is working on the issue. Once the fix is found then it has to go through a rigorous testing process, to check it works on different web browsers, operating systems, mac/PCs etc As there are so many different permutations of browser and operating system, this takes some time. Once cleared, it will be scheduled into the next weekly site build, during which any updates / amendments / bug fixes are published to the live server.

So, this means we're looking at an approximate two-week period before the fix is live on the website. I appreciate this is far from ideal - it's frustrating for us too when things don't work as they should - but we are working on it, and we are aware how important the forum is to many of you.

I'm sorry that the news isn't better, but I hope you'll continue to use the forum in the meantime. Thank you again for bearing with us.



Thank you Daniel. Very much appreciate all your and the technical bods' efforts. I promise not to e-mail you again. Well, might have to break that sometime.

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