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Hope other posters are not put out by me using the forum to let newcomers and those that aren't regulars be aware that we are experiencing problems at the moment.  Just found Teadrinker's thread about his neighbour and hedge which I replied to but it's not showing.  I have said I have brought it to Daniel's attention, but he won't see it until Monday of course.

Not even sure if this is going to work! Night all


I thought i've seen alot of repeat postings tonight.  Seems ok at the mo, lets hope it make's it through the weekend.  

Most of it is not working for me....see if this one does



It's gone back to hot threads only

using desktop instead of ipad.  if you read this please send me £1000 to make me happy


You're there Verd.

I had similar problems yesterday - from about lunchtime posts weren't showing etc. I started a thread to let everyone know about the bee programme last night as the forum was all over the place but trying to reply to other's posts was becoming impossible. Don't know yet if things are better  but perhaps if a good number of us could PM Daniel and request a bit of help with it the problems might get properly addressed.  I feel lots of new members will get put off by it and stop posting altogether. I think I would if I'd just joined. 


Last night it worked on kindle but not macbook.  This morning ok on macbook but not updating on kindle. Stuff seems to catch up in batches. I think that may be a memory problem with the server. Not enough Ram or whatever it is the tech geeks do.

Gardening Grandma

Same problem here. Refreshing doesn't always work, either. Am contacting Daniel.


posted 2 mins ago on morning thread , not showing yet. Thought maybe we could blame the storm bmay seems not obviously I know nothing about computers!)

Is anyone having problems with it refusing to log out? I thought it was something to do with me so, in the end, I joined up under a new name to see if it did the same thing. Now it keeps flipping between Waterbutts and the other name. I feel quite schizophrenic.

Sending this as Waterbutts


My worry is that I might miss something really important.



Verd would if i Had it  would cake help? Waterbutts is that you or the other one lol. 

Had problems yesterday too. Not been anywhere on here yet to see if still going funny. Is Daniel the man in charge? 



Yes still not working properly  Going on Latest Posts on this thread the last post showing is Waterbutts.


I've found it works differently on iPad and phone, not tried on pc.


I've found if you post on a thread it will then update it.


I was on a couple of hours ago and couldn't find the quote button on one thread and tried a couple of other threads where it was okay.  Then realised I'd somehow been logged out. I went back and forward a few pages but my logo had gone and it said sign in at the top.  It was strange but anyway I shut down my computer and had lunch.  Have just come on again and as soon as I opened the computer the site came up and I was still logged in. It wasn't the usual google page that came up it was this site at the page I'd been on.  I'm not sure I like that.  I found this thread by default. 

Anyway just thought I'd add my bit.


I'm having to refresh to look at every thread, and refresh after posting