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cody smith

Which forum would this be best on,would like to hear what evryone thinks..thankyou


That's pretty impressive Cody. Ivy is amazing in maturity. 


Cody, they are great - tell your father we reallyappreciate seeing them

Doesn't answer your Q but my favourite has to be the one in the garden.



These are really beautiful. I agree with Zoomer- what a feature to have in the garden. 


Ooooooooooooh they're good - like them

Gardening Grandma

Amazing! Does he grow the ivy in the garden or forage for it? These pieces are pretty mature.

cody smith

Hi there,(this is Cody's Mum),Cody still at school at the momemt...Thankyou all for your wonderful comments..My husband Robert has been Ivy Sculpting for about two years now an has a obsessive passion for it to say the least,whittling away as I speak!!.We are very fortunate to live in the Lake District therefore lucky enough to be associated with AONB organisations where the Ivy can be sustainbly sourced from fallen trees hence the maturity..They really are stunning and very unusual and each sculpture is totally unique...Take a look at his Facebook Page Vine Sculptures or google RobertSmithVines and YouTube too not that Im trying to plug him haha...His website is currently being designed too. Ivy is simply a plant that you love or hate..We love it now,puts a whole new dimension on how beautiful something can become


You keep on plugging him.  The skill and result are beautiful and what is often hated when living can be loved in this way and a fantastic way to recycle something cut down.  Juat let us know when the website is up and running too.  By the way nice garden too.  Hope Cody can fulfill his horticultural skills.

Hi Cody, These are BEAUTIFUL ,can I ask you about the last one shown please , ?

If so , Has that one had a stainer  and are the others in there natural state please?

Is it possible to buy a piece ?

Now I have asked you Im going to  check out the other links .


These are beautiful Smith family! Have you thought of taking them to the gardening shows or do you do 'craft type' ones? The garden shows would surely be a great market place for them. I wish you great success -  I think anyone would be delighted to own one of these.

Hi , Thanks  cody, I would imagine that your dads sculptures take quite a while to "sculpt " (if thats the right phrase )  so that in itself will give me time to get sorted , I have made a note of the details given previosley .

Our property is 300 yrs old it is a snow washed cottage . Since we have been here the ten years for me have been spent creating a Querky cottage garden . When I saw your dads pieces I could visulise one amongst the main flowerbed .I got the idea from  Chelsea  3 yrs ago . The image stuck. But its taken awhile to get to this stage and Im nowhere finished with my ideas  . I am looking more to the future as things are at the moment .

I think the suggestion to approach the gardening shows is ideal  as Fairygirl suggests. But also I can see these as pieces indoors too - maybe as a bespoke piece . Going now to browse the onlines mentioned .

cody smith

Codys Mum here)..Your garden sounds fantastic lucky3 and after all those years of getting it just right understandbly your sculpture feature has to be right too..

Craft and Garden shows are the next port of call once the website is up and running and lots of admin to get our heads around..Busy busy busy and inbetween doing this,full time work and two allotments( which are Codys) my own garden needs me!!..Bank Holiday weekend gardening is a definate..

Daffygardener Cody is my inspiration..His passion for gardening and his allotment is truely fantastic,and his knowledge for a 12 yr old is very rewarding..Dahlias are his fortay at the moment and he volunteers at Levens Hall Gardens which he loves..

Thankyou on behalf of Rob for all your very encouraging comments on his Sculptures,makes all the time and hardwork worth it..


cody smith


my dads website is now running so you can see his Ivy Sculptures and please like his facebook page Vine Sculptures too



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