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wondering if i will take me one or two days to see gardeners world live. as i am coming from inverness just want to know if i should book hotel for two or three nights. thanks.


Gary Hobson

You can 'see the show' in a couple of hours.

By that, I mean walk round all the show gardens (there are not that many), and have a stroll round the stalls selling plants, and other products.

If you want to spend a long time browsing through all the plants at a lot of stands, or watching demonstrations in the lecture theatre, then maybe a day.

First thing in the morning you can walk round the show a lot easier than later in the day, when the show usuually becomes more crowded.

You won't find much that is new to look at on a second day, in my opinion.


We did it in one day and were shattered, mind you we walked round about three times! It's quite a way from the car park (and you have to pay for parking so 2 days might be expensive on that front).  I agree with Gary though, I doubt there's enough to see over 2 days, it just depends on your stamina!!!!

I agree with other posts I only go for the day, get there early easier to walk round, I also take a picnic some of the food can be expensive. It's a great day out good plant stalls, the show seems a little smaller now the good food show is there as well. It's nice to have your GW subscribers card to get into the lounge area.

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