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Great advancement in my view as no longer arguing over who is going to get the magazine first! However, I also get BBC Focus magaizine and the iPad edition of that is way more interactive. Is there a plan to make the GW mag iPad edition the same?

Has anyone tried using GW for iPad with a speech app such as Dream Reader? 

I would really like the person I am advising to be able to use GW for iPad with a special app called MD evReader specially designed for people with central vision loss.  It allows text to be read from right to left if required.  This app can only be used with E books that are unprotected so I am afraid that it probably won't work with your version if you have protected it.  I am aware of the Talking Newspaper text only version produced by RINIB (I work for RNIB as a Technology Officer) so this may be the route to go down.  I would appreciate your advice though on the format used for the iPad version and whether it is accessible to apps like Voice Over (the built in screen reader for iPad/Mac).

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