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Daniel Haynes

Reply to Mr Butler - I've passed on your message to our subcriptions team, and somebody will be in contact with you shortly.

Daniel Haynes

I also took out the £20  subscription offer last year, and specifically said I did not want an automatic renewal, and was assured I wouldnt get one. Lo and behold, £36.48 ( not £35.50 like Mtr Butler said the renewal was in one of his other posts) was taken from my bank account with no authorisation from me. I am getting a refund, but it will be by cheque and will take 14 - 28 days! Mean while you have my money in your bank account, and not in mine for up to a month. Not good......Why can't you refund direct into my bank immediately when you can take money out of it immediately!!???

Has anybody else noticed the increased amount of marketing communications via leaflets in their monthly magazine? Just counted 16 for the March edition!!!

Editor - is there any reason for this (increase in) unsolicitored marketing? 

Maybe the advertising pays towards the mag, like ITV.

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