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The problem with any 'chat' type thread on any board, is that ultimately only a few people post regularly, just as with TPS on the beeb boards & FH now. So in that situation it can seem 'cliquey' to any new poster.

Rain you know that you can didp in/out of FH as & when, & always be welcomed.  J.


Cheer's Jo 

In that case then  come 1st of March I shall start a "March in the Garden"  thread,  sound like a good idea folk's ? not much point in starting one for this month as it's more than halfway through.


Still acouple of weeks to go Rain and we're all just starting out there, or at least I am


I have popped into Fork Handles now and again,  I don't read it all the time but when I do I really like some of the funny comments on there and how chatty and friendly it is. I feel that everybody on this forum are so nice and give great advice. You always get people that will post everyday but those of us who only post now and again I think are always still made to feel part of this great gardening community. 

Maybe peeps are getting a bit twitchy as it's the start of a new growing season (hurrah!). I go into hibernation through the fallow winter months, but always come back as spring starts. I like FH a lot, but feel very happy to dip in and out...there's a hardcore of dedicated FH posters for sure, but I don't feel it's cliquey in the slightest. And if there are more free chat threads opened, I'd do the same there.

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