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Can we start a new thread sought of an anythink thread this thread to talk about day to day lives,favourite music,films,sport,ect.Quiz games for example songs with flowers or plants in the title.Or films.

Sounds like a great idea

Yes....a fun link, no religion or politics though. Nothing contentious. All for that.
Bunny ...
Hehe a good debate ..hehe
Don't see why not , all for some humour

I thought that was what the Fork Handles thread was for........


Bunny ...
No reason not to have another although maybe some prefer to leave it to only one thread ..... Forum decide
I'm with Obelixx.
Bunny ...
Not everyone realises what fork handles is though ....not many get involved , just my opinion , for someone new arriving on the board (me not long ago) it looks popular with certain members ?

A new thread, as proposed, would be self proliferating.   As new people join and feel excluded or too shy to break into an idle chat thread they'd want to start their own and so it would go on.

Perhaps Daniel could start a thread for "Over the Garden Fence" off topic chat with a clear headline explaining what it is and making everyone welcome to join in.   It would avoid cluttering up the boards and the creation of potential cliques.


As I see it anyone can start anything-doesn't need Daniel to start the ball rolling-If anybody reads Fork Handles an effort is always made to welcome those who want to join in-there is no gang,no clique it is all inclusive

It is not for all-and ok you have to keep up sometimes-but it is what it is-really do not see the need to start a similar thread

I agree Obelixx. I think, however, it would have to be self moderated (is that correct) as it could end up just being a oneliner, free for all.

I think, Bunny, that everyone realises what 'Fork Handles' is.
Bunny ...
I meant new members joining rambling rose not the people who have been here a while.
Each to their own , if members want to start another let them you don't have to get involved .
'really do not see the need to start a similar thread'

That's the whole point. It wouldn't be. Hopefully, it would be more like the Beeb's 'Over the Garden Fence' or as it was later called 'The Potting Shed'.

But you cant set the rules and regulations-that is the point-it is a free for all -but if someone wants to start then they can- can't they?-but as of yet-they haven't

Miss Becks

rissa, you do want you want. You don't have to ask permission. And no one rules the forums, except Daniel. And you already have started it in a way. Those who want to join in will. All you've got to do is get the ball rolling with a topic to get people chatting!



I agree with Obelix (nice to see you on here by the way),  The Fork Handles one is now a bit long winded and for me has had it's day,  that's my opinion and don't want to upset anyone we are entitled to our opinion's


Rain -not upset but I find you remarks unnecessary and unwarranted-those of us who contribute do so because we like to-you have also been made very welcome when you have joined in-and I don't get the long winded or has had its day comment.

If you wish to start a thread of your own-or anybody else- and invite people for a discussion then do so-all I see here are comments like "shall we do this" or "can we do that"-I do not see anybody actually doing anything

And that is my opinion



I haven't joined in fork handles because it's not my style, (I'm a bit slow witted, I'd never keep up) but it seams a very reasonable thing to do it it is your style. I drop in now and again and find it quite amusing. Plenty of room for someone else to start another thread in a different style. There are other long threads that I am involved with, the seed swap for one, not everything on there is about swapping seeds. A forum is what its contributors make it. Fortunately we don't all want the same thing in life or forum



Each to their own Geoff,  maybe some of the newbies feel as if they would be interfering  with some of the long standing posters and as The Fork Handles is now at 21.000 + they might feel it's rather too long to start reading it,  that's what I meant about long winded,  maybe  there should be something like The Potting Shed that gets changed every month. 


But again-this forum is not controlled like the BBC one- there is little moderation or direction-it is not needed-as nutcutlet has said you get put of it what you put in

So why dont you or anybody else start something -see how it goes- you can but try.

And you could start afresh each month if that is what people wanted

What form it takes is up to those who join in-that bit you cannot control