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At the moment i,m cheering Man-Utd just beat Reading whaaaaaaay.



Bunny ...
Catching up on posts I've missed , been away .
Wondering why you have started a new thread with the same title.

The first one was to ask if i could start a new thread,got quite a few positives so i did resulting in the second one dont think its in the right place though should it be in site feedback?I dont know who to ask......


The Potting Shed, I'd have thought, and with its own title.


I am just chilling, enjoying the nice warm sunshine in my living room and a nice drink of Ribena

just about to help the old man decorate.

hollie hock

I'm waiting for my dinner, duck with veggies

I have tidied the garden, but dare not disturb it too much, cos I can't remember where things are or what has survived the winter.

Glad it's not just me lyn. I'm forever digging plants up as dead, then finding they're not,  or treading on bulbs as they come through, 

I know, I took cuttings last year, and I dotted them around the garden cos they usually do ok, but this spring I decided to rake the leaves from around the plants (I do this with childs rake cos its small, ) and now I can't find them, whar am I like!

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