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hollie hock

I just answered a thread and I'm very dissappointed that it came out as a load of rubbish, my next post was fine- seems something isn't right on here.

I tried quoted 3 people who had already posted on here- won't be doing that again


Copy and paste from web pages (including this site) don't work properly - some of the underlying (HTML) code is somehow included.

What you can do is copy & paste text into Notepad (if using Windows), then copy & paste back from Notepad into a forum post - this clears the rubbish leaving only the text.  Fiddly but works.

If edit was fixed, we could at least use that instead..

hollie hock

Hi Bob, thanks for your reply. I do use Windows so Notepad is an option.

I was just having a moan, as I was trying to reply to a post using quotes made on this site.  I was using the quote button on here, which when I was typing look fine, just annoyed me as I was trying to add to a discussion that what was already ongoing.I had spent some time typing my response.

I'm with you on the edit



Notepad comes bundled with Windows. It can be found in All programs/ accessories.

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