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just unpacked three very sorry dried up specimens fro the iris offer. Roots completely dry and no soil or compost in the plastic bags.

i have put them into a bowl of water to see if that will revive them, but I don't hold out much hope when I see who the suppliers are.

come on GW the suppliers are doing you a disservice, as well as yr customers

Hi Seakale,

I'm sorry to read of your disappointment with your Iris plants. As I'm sure you know, bare roots can be quite dry but you have done the best thing for them by giving them a good soak and getting the nutrients back in them! Would you like to get in touch with me directly (Natalie) at and you can keep us up to date with how they're recovering and I'm sure they'll bounce back in the next few days. If not we'll be happy to replace them for you :) I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Many thanks



It should have been in a reasonable condition from a company purchase, but I would be very annoyed if I had paid a proper price for them.

Plants with rhizomes and tubers do stand  a chance. Give them a soak and see what happens

I have resurrected a peony Sarah Bernhardt from a  dry wilted lump of plant in a 50p bag in Wilkos.

(Never the best sellers of garden plants)  and some Knipophias from B & Q. I was impressed how they survived.They  are both growing well now. 

Hemerocallis  can be restored as well. You can see the tubers fleshing out after a good soak .

After mine were moved I was very surprised that how  tough they were are, just lying about on the garden soil. and an occaisional dip in a bucket for a for a few  days.  Do not despair  too soon. 

After a good soak, I made a hole in the soil and put some well rotted manure in the bottom.  Then I made a dome of soil on top and spread out the roots over the dome and set the rhizomes to face south.  So after a month there is tiny green shoot from each rhizome.  So I am hoping they will continue to grow and settle in.  Only time and nurture will tell

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