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Hanging Baskets

Does anyone know where you can buy Angel Moss Hanging Basket Liners in the UK? (MUST be Angel Moss, not coconut or sphagnum moss etc.)

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Gardening Grandma

Afraid to answer this in case it is a marketing attempt. but sell angel moss liners.

Hi Grandma, firstly I can assure you that I am a (retired) private individual who's only looking for Angel Moss Hanging Basket Liners for my own personal domestic purposes. I'm (thankfully!) not involved at all in marketing! I've just checked out the website that you've suggested but (a) it appears to be USA-based; and (b) they appear to only supply to wholesalers. By the way, I believe that the liner I'm looking for is known as "Angel Moss" in New Zealand and elsewhere and "GOLDEN MOSS" in the UK.

Gardening Grandma

Sorry, Don, on both counts. Recently, there have been a few advertisers having a go on this forum and it makes you cautious. Looks like this is a business opportunity for someone, though, since these are so hard to find.

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