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The potty gardener

I wonder if it would be a good idea to automatically put roughly where a person lives as well as their name above each post. So many threads discuss things where it would be helpful if the writer lived in Cornwall, The Highlands of Scotland etc.

When registering you could give a person how detailed they woyuld want this. For instance I may wish to just give South East- or East Sussex- or Newhaven, East Sussex


 I do agree it would be helpful if it was next to the user name, though I often click on someones profile when they ask a question, I think someone suggested that it would be more helpful if posters filled in their profiles . Oddly mine gives a neighbouring town.

It is improving my geography of the UK

Miss Becks

Yes, I do that kate. I always have a nosey to see where people are from. Would be much easier to see at a quick glance.


Yes this would be a good idea because what might work in Cornwall would not necessarily work up here in the far north west advise wise because of the different conditions.

Highland Jeannie

Hence my name!   The only thing is that we're only a few feet above sea level & in the sheltered Beauly Firth, it's a very different story gardening 30 miles south of here. (Frost in August!!)

But of course many areas have their own local microclimate.

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