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How do I reply to messages and comments? Why do I need to keep validating my account?


See if you can post something in reply to this Barbara 


Maybe you have not told it to remember you?  Thee is a tick box somewhere that says you want to be remembered on this site - might help.


You should get a e-mail like this and have to reply. the fact that you have posted a new thread means you are registered. (i presume). There seems to be a lot of niggles with the site. People cannot PM and i cannot watch videos. You should have a blank box at the bottom below the last comment, on the thread you are looking at with "Barbara Harrison says".

The only thing i can think of doing is to unsubscribe from you first e-mail from GW and try again. This is what i recieved when i tried to join.


Dear Edd

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Thanks for the welcome and all the advice. Problem should now be sorted.


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