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I'm trying to put a name on the ignore list in settings but the cursor indication isnt appearing in the box marked "add user name to your list"

what are the steps



You need to go to a  post that they have made and put your cursor over the picture next to their name.  A box appears giving you the option to send them a message or to ignore them.  Click on ignore. 

ta xx

WOW you are wanting to ignore someone already, I was on the boards a while before anyone went on there and there's only one now, a troll which followed from a previous board. I rather like the kaliderscope of personalities which frequent the boards, the diversity of idea's, advise, tips and stories make the boards all the more interesting.


Pennine Petal
I agree Zoomer, I love the variety, the humour and the heated discussions. It is so good to be able to chat to people with a similar interest, to get help and advice when you need it and to give it when you can.

What's the definition of a troll then? I only saw the term recently. I've only been on a couple of months, but haven' needed to ignore anyone.


If someone is intentionally offensive or clearly participating in this forum to cause unpleasantness then, yes, ignore him/her. Otherwise let's hear every voice and opinion....often creates a laugh or sharp response anyway.

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