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Thanks Daniel, I'm not very computer literate!!


It is time there was somewhere on the site to remind us to watch TV programs that gardeners would find interesting.  Lots of people missed "How to grow a planet" on BBC2 last night and Sarah Raven is on tonight.

Daniel Haynes

Hello happymarion. We don't have any immediate plans to have a garden programme listings page on the site - our friends at have got TV listings down to a fine art, so we link to them at the bottom of each page of the site. We're currently working hard on other forthcoming new features, such as the weather forecast for gardeners, but we'll add your suggestion to the list!

Hi everyone,

New to this, but want to thank you all for making me feel at home, I have a big problem, which so many of you  had good  sound advice to give me.

I have not found anything quiet like this, hope it continues

I love the inspiration and plant based information I get from GW (both program and mag).  Please though can you at GW help those of us with less conventional issues - e.g. Joes garden design series has dealt with square, rectangular and 'off square' shapes.  Please can he advise on odd shapes - my personal example is a long thin L shape, where only the shortest side faces the house? Also dealing with existing 'hard landscaped' features that until we can (afford to) change them we regular, hum drum, not much money, gardeners have to work with and around?  Or planting front garden borders where most of the space has of necissity become parking?  Normal issues that face normal gardeners.  We don't all have the luxury of a regular shaped site the size of Montys's place (I wish) or the team of gardeners to keep it looking so amazingly perfect. Maybe nextg year you could each, with no assistance take on san averagge, irregularly shaped family garden and see how you do with that?

Too often, I think, in the interests of encouraging new gardeners by showing how 'easy' things can be (if you're a professional with no cost or other considerations except the purity of design) you fail to reach out to those of us with less than regular shaped plots who are still trying to fit everything in, on a budget, usually on weekends only and are working around a 'legacy' from previous owners/tenants and if we are not naturally artists/designers the whole concept of design is tricky at best, despite Joes best efforts to make it look, well, effortless!  Please remember that we are not all invited to design for Chelsea and take pity on us mere mortals who still want beautiful gardens?

I'm sorry if this sounds negative - it's not intended to.  As I said - I get so much inspiration from GW - I just need more help and advice on how to make that work in practice, in my garden/space please?

Thank you very much for being there for us all.



Susan T.

Love this site but I live in the US so I wonder if I can gain anything from this site if everything is geared towards the UK?  I hope there are other US folks to talk to who deal with our weather conditions. 

Daniel Haynes

Hello puppykash, many thanks for taking the sharing your wishlist. I’ve passed your comments on to the magazine team, who produce the design series with Joe.

Regarding your other point about gardening on a budget, or with limited time, we’re currently working on ‘tagging’ all of our site content. This will enable us to pull all content on a given topic into one page. For example, we’ve tagged projects by how long they takes, so we’ll easily be able to create a page of ’30 minute projects’ or ‘afternoon projects’, which would be ideal for weekend gardeners. We’re hoping to implement the tagging on the site in the next couple of months, so do watch this space.

Gardening on a budget is very much in our minds at the moment. You might have noticed the ‘Get thrifty’ series in the magazine – we’re also inviting readers to submit their money-saving tips here on the forum.

Best wishes,

Daniel Haynes

Update for puppykash. I've had the following response from Tamsin on the magazine team, who works on the Design Made Easy series with Joe, which I hope will please you:

"Thank so much for your comments. It’s really helpful to receive feedback on our features, especially when we launch a new series. Joe’s next feature in the design series, which will be in the May issue, is on L-shaped and Wide & shallow gardens, so hopefully there will be some tips that’ll help you in your garden.

In June, we’ll be looking at a  tiny courtyard garden and an irregular shaped garden.

Thank you, also, for your comments on hard landscaping and front gardens. As you say, these are common problems. I’ll try and work in ways to tackle these in future issues."

rosie plum

Hi all, im new to this site but have been a lifelong fan of gardeners world. i find the site great for advice and the tutorials are brilliant (if a little short) I love hearing of other gardeners problems and both giving and taking advice.....some great ideas out there..all my friends and family dont like gardening and i see their eyes glaze over if i even mention it!!!so its great to be able to interact with fellow gardening nuts!!!!this site is perfect for rainy afternoons when i cant be outside 

Daniel Haynes

Hello rosie plum. Welcome to! It's great to hear you find the tutorials helpful. I hope you continue to enjoy the site - do be sure to let us know if there's anything else you'd like to see on it.


rosie plum

well my wishlist would be able to stream gardeners world episodes as unfortunatly bbc player isnt available in my area, it wont work outside of the uk,well here in ireland, so if i miss it on tv i cant watch it online..its such a shame...its a pity the even much older proogrammes cant be made available as i watched quite a few on youtube, but there arent that many to watch...

Hi, first it's really encouraging to see that comments are replied to so consistently by Daniel Haynes!

I looked at the problem solving forum with a specific issue in mind (spider mites aaargh!) but couldn't find a forum search field.  With so many pages of conversation threads it would be helpful to have a search facility.

Thanks for the invitation to feed back

Daniel Haynes

Reply to rosie plum: I'm sorry you're not able to access the iPlayer. Although, there's nothing we can do about that, unfortunately, I hope you find the videos on this site useful.

Reply to estherbunny: the site-wide search facility at the top of every page will also return links to forum posts, as well as projects, videos, blogs and plant profiles. You can view the search results for red spider mite here:

Search results for 'red spider mite'

You can filter the result further by content type if you wish. I hope this helps.



Thanks Daniel, I should've realised re the search engine for forums.

The mites I have don't seem to be red....  But that's for another forum

Thanks again Daniel!


Hi Daniel,

I have just arrived from the soon-to-be-defunct BBC boards. Tried to cut and paste text from a website and although it looked ok once pasted, I got a mass of html code on the finished posting(see the Hosepipe Ban thread). Someone else has made the same mistake. On the Beeb site you could do this, and there was a 'preview' button so you could see what a message looked like before posting. This raises three thoughts:

1. Can you cut and paste from a web site?

2. Can you preview? 

3. Can you delete postings? 

By the way, well over 100 old Beeb boarders have joined, as you may have noticed, and we all think this site is much better, and we are all relieved to have found a welcoming home where we can maintain friendships and find lots of new friends. 


Gary Hobson

As another recent immigrant from the BBC I have to agree with Gold1locks that this functionality of forum seems absolutely wonderful.

We had to have a preview option on the BBC simply because there was no way of changing a post once you'd submitted it (which isn't the case here).

This forum seems to be relatively advert-free. You're obviously aware that you have a captive audience of a lot of very keen gardeners. Also you can see exactly what each person is interested in, from the topics they contribute to, even if they have not filled in their membership profile. This must present some interesting advertising opportunties. For example, if someone contributes to a post about mowers, then you could provide some highly targetted on-line adverts, for them to see, from mower manufacturers; or whatever.


Gary,  I didn't know you could change a post. That would solve my problem at a stroke. How do you do it? 

Many thanks


For a short while after posting you can go back and Edit.  The option comes up in theh bottom right hand corner when yu put your cursor on the post.  Doesn't last for ever though.


Many thanks, Obelixx!

Just tried editing, and it works!

Daniel Haynes

Reply to Gold1locks: Yes, it's lovely to see so many 'migrants' from the BBC messageboard, and nice to read so much positive feedback. Regarding the html code appearing, this can happen when cutting and pasting directly from web pages and programmes such as Word. The easiest way to prevent this is to paste the text into an application such as Notepad or Textedit (usually installed on most computers), which will strip out the excess code, then copy again and paste that into your message. Alternatively, you can use the 'HTML' option above the post input box and edit the HMTL code of the message directly, to strip out the excess code. I hope this helps!