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I've had to create a new account with husband's email address because each time I try to sign in I'm asked provide email address & password as usual and then to re-type a box of letters & numbers ( capcha) and then it says the capcha is incorrect. It isn't. I haven't had to do this before to sign in.

I've Emailed Gardener's World feedback on forum website and had automated answer, that doesn't address my problem.

Is anyone else having a problem this morning? from KEF


all seems as normal as it ever is here KEF. 

Thanks Nut, it must not like me. KEF

I've tried again with own email & password and same thing happens  KEF


if you go into your profile and change your name to pampusKEF or something like that we'll know who you are



Daniel should be able to sort out the problem but it may be monday or tueday before he will  be at work and able to fix the problem.

It's probably the case that a number of attempts were made to access your account and the software for the site decided something fishy was going on and locked your account.  Pretty much all sites are regularly under attack by bots that attempt to gain access to be able to install malware.

It's not personal and is as random as a lottery win. unfortunately to restore access to your account will take human intervention and since it is the weekend you will likely have to wait till monday or tuesday back in office hours. 



It's OK Kef, we won't report you as a troll.  I never sign out.


Cannot believe it. It's let me sign in this morning. After yesterday blocking access to my account & the new one I created. Phew relief, I felt like Billy no mates yesterday. Just had to read threads and couldn't join in. Maybe OH was right, I'd worn it out!

Thanks Blackest.



Hmm strange, maybe it was a capslock problem cat Cat and CAT would be 3 different passwords as passwords are usually case sensitive. sometimes i use the search bar as a scratchpad to write things down that i need in a different tab usually. Another useful thing firefox can save passwords for you and in preferences you can find a list of sites with saved passwords which is kind of handy on occasion.


Just noticed "my posts" is now sorted - no rotten tomato.  So people have been busy !

Daniel Haynes

Hello KEF,

Please accept my apologies for the problem you had signing in - I'm pleased that you were were eventually able to access your account. blackest is correct that the input field is case sensitive, so it could be that you had the caps lock on when you were having problems?

If you have any further difficulties, do please let us know.

Daniel Haynes


Thanks Daniel, but I didn't have cap lock on. When I tried to sign in it also asked for me to re-type a capcha, don't know why? It would not accept correct capcha.  

I opened an account with hubby's email and it gave me access once, and after signing out it would not let me sign in again bringing up the the capcha thing again and would not recognise correct input of it.

I read Blackest's post & thought I'd wait until Monday, but just in case I tried to sign in on Sunday and fine no problem.

As of now I haven't signed out, which I'm not happy about, but don't want that performance again. Any ideas ??


KEF- like Tina I don't sign out. It's never really crossed my mind although obviously  I always do for banking etc. I also have the forum as one of the pages that automatically opens when I go online along with my email. I did that on my laptop settings.

Daniel Haynes

Hello KEF,

Thanks for clarifying. Given that you had no problems signing in on Sunday, I'm hopeful the problems you had earlier were just a 'blip'. The only way to confirm that is to log out and attempt to sign in again - if you do have any further problems please let me know and I'll ask someone on the tech team to look into it for you.


Sue Higham
My problem is this ... how come, when I'm typing in this box, and not signed in, all the formatting buttons are shown? When I am signed in - as of right now - there are no formatting buttons showing!! Weird. Please can you sort it out?

Incidentally, I had the same problem as Pampus a couple of weeks ago - nearly drove me mad it did - but I had no problems signing in on the following day. As far as I remember, I think I just ignored the 'Forgotten Password' bit on the left of the page and went to the usual log in on the right hand side and it worked, but .... technology being what it is, that could all change tomorrow.....



Hopefully Daniel will see this on Monday Sue. Dunno what the problem was but I definitely didn't type anything wrong.

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