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Just report it-dont say you have reported it-it just pushes it up the page-getting ridiculous on both fronts.


We agreed that whoever reported it would put one post on it to show it's been reported, otherwise people keep reporting it over and over again - waste of time.  This has been discussed on the Morning Forkers thread several times 

Sorry-but saying "we" on here makes it sound as though it run by "we"

Bit of school monitoring going on here

Let the site take care of it is my point

What is discussed and agreed elsewhere -does not make it a rule

Who cares if it is reported again and again-perhaps then the real site monitors would take care of it-that is all I am saying


hardly worth getting in a tizz about. They were here, they've gone. Anyone dead?


I think most people would take time out to report spam but  whats the point of 20 people reporting the same thread? Posting on the thread does raise it but if its 5 minutes after the thread was posted it makes little difference  to it's visibility 5 hours thou and its hanging around like a bad smell.

It is just common sense really to not duplicate effort and avoid promoting spam.

Of course not everybody will have thought of it like this and sometimes there will be more than one comment  and  multiple reporting but really is it worth getting upset about? 

Having 1 comment means to me it will have been reported and I will not bother even opening that thread. 

The forum is its users GW  or rather its publisher gives us this space trusting us to use it wisely.  They don't employ someone to hold our hands and if Montydon is posting  he keeps his true identity a mystery. 

Anyone can post,  anyone can report spam, and you can choose just to read what interests you. It's nice people take time to freely help other people so don't worry about trivia its not worth the grey hairs  or the raised blood pressure.

If you think about it you might consider the perverse enjoyment those spammers get from winding people up. By getting annoyed and  angry you empower them, you give them an influence in your life , your personal happiness and state of mind.

Anyway that's enough from me, and we are all the site monitors we just don't get to press the delete thread button

Enjoy the day it looks like the weather is good today lets go out and and do the things that enrich us.





I like your way of thinking blackest makes a lot of sense.

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