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Beaus Mum

Oh Salino that made me laugh out loud, wonder who you would use that on and what it would look like 


...lately, I'd have been spoilt for choice...

...perhaps the addition of one of

star gaze lily

Salino lol 

Don't think i'd want a like button really, its nice to tell someone...'you like' or 'thank you'   and you can always use the smileys


I know its a matter of opinion which we are all entitled   , but  I'd rather add my likes and don't like in a few words.partly because this is what the forum is about..if the majority just clicked on a like or not like this brilliant forum could fall through.

I also enjoy the regular  sort of friendships formed on here.but as I said this is only my opinion.

star gaze lily

Agree with you Cangranmafixit, wouldn't be the same without the friendly chit chat. Much more personal to tell someone you like their pics etc 

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