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Dordogne Damsel

Some of the threads move on so quickly (Hello Forkers for example) that by the time you see them the  topic has completely changed. Would be nice to have a 'like' button as other Forums do to show your interest and agreement in the comment without contributing out of sync. Helps with continuity and understanding of the forum members interests and experiences. 

Beaus Mum

 Or don't like 

Good idea DD, maybe you could email the forum administrators 


I wouldn't worry about being out of sync - if I think my response to a comment may be confusing I usually quote it in my reply - then it's fairly plain what's meant.

The difficulty is that this forum is designed to answer questions rather than to host long threads - it can be hard to get the mechanics right for both. 


I seem to remember someone else a while ago who said they wished they could 'like' something.  We do tend to chatter on and go off topic on threads.



Re Dove's comment;

If it's hard to get the mechanics right for both I hope it stays as a forum for answering gardening questions primarily. I've got no problem with the chat threads but there are no other relevant garden forums as far as I can see and loads of social sites  for 'liking'


DD I wouldnt worry about 'losing the thread' on Forkers, we're mainly losing the plot on there never mind the thread.

Dordogne Damsel

Perhaps they could just do it on the potting shed posts, they are really chat threads aren't they, for those with a common interest in gardening? The French Forum site I use, which is predominantly a Q&A site seems to manage it well. I find it helpful on there to gauge the knowledge of the person writing the post - to a point - loads of likes and you feel more confident about the response. I suppose the kind of questions on that site though are more 'serious' - and I mean that in the nicest possible way - I love my garden and and feel sad for days if something gets some yukky disease! 

Dordogne Damsel

Yviestevie - I had noticed, didn't 'LIKE' to say! 



Can't you do a ; and a - then a )


I can do winky, cant do all the ones you lot have.
Ignore that earlier one, it wont delete!


Lyn Plant-Wells

Good idea - this site is incredibly helpful and I'm always amazed how quickly I get responses to queries. 

On the iPad, there's a drop down menu with LOADS of silly faces, ! I quite like the idea of a 'like' button, I must say 


I don't, I must say.

Discussion is good, clicking a 'like' button doesn't contribute to that


Salino's a 'dislike' button I might be more fun...