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This is the place for site queries, but after the last fiasco I am not sure if you are

 Daniels friend! I think most of us are happy with site as it is.



star gaze lily

Think everybody on here is quite happy with the way Daniel runs GW


Yes indeed. He reassured me that Alan Titchmarsh does not have a part time job as a hitman here in Derbyshire. Thank you Daniel.


I'm sure the spambots would love that. A nice way of bombarding us with pms without having to put any effort into it?

Wouldnt affect me either way, i would just be happy if they made the site more mobile friendly!


Daniel Haynes

Hello Mike. Thanks for the suggestion. Clarington is quite correct, though, that such a list would make it easy for spammers to target users of the site with private messages. That wouldn't prove to be a very popular addition to the site, I think!   We do consider all suggestions for upgrading and improving the site - we're currently working through the results of the audience research we conducted earlier in the year, in order to plan the forthcoming development work. As ever, feel free to post other feedback/suggestions here on the forum, or drop us a line at Alternatively, do send me a private message.

Daniel Haynes

Daniel Haynes

Hello Bekkie. I'm sorry that the experience of using the site on mobile is less than ideal. It's something we're aware of and are working to improve the situation. We can't make all the necessary changes immediately, but please be assured it's on our 'to do' list!

Daniel Haynes

Thanks for the reassurance Daniel, its really just the photo thing that bugs me, luckily there are so many lovely people on here who will post them for me

I have only just joined as I found an interesting insect and wanted more info. I have become the victim of sexist abuse as Welshonion took a dislike to me. I now wish to leave the forum and want to know how you intend to tackle aggressive males on the site. He suggested women should not be allowed responsible jobs in the workplace!



Er, I think you will find that Welshonion is of the female gender and was speaking ironically, ffteix.

Steve 309 slightly less controversially, how about repeating the tabs at the bottom of the page so we don't have to scroll all the way back up to the top to use them?


Steve309, what a good idea

Steve 309

Full of good ideas, me.  Just no good at following through

star gaze lily

Yes Steve, must admit it does get a bit annoying going backwards and forwards with smilies

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