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So annoying when you've started a new thread and then when posting you realise your not logged in so you have to log in and then re-type your posting as when you do log in, the forum loses what is typed. There must be a way of being able to return to the posting page after logging in to avoid re-typing.


sorry if been discussed before.


A lot of us just don't log out Tim. Saves the hassle!

How do you clean out your cache without losing the GW cookie? I use safari on ipad.  Sorry if I'm talking double dutch to most people?


I'm one of them I'm afraid! I have the forum saved as a favourite so just open it and go. I use a laptop though Tim.  iPads seem to cause a few issues on here from what others say.


Tim, most devices keep the login user names and passwords separately - clearing cookies doesn't affect them.



If you're uncertain, copy your original post and paste it in after you've logged in! That way you don't loose it.


Copy and paste it or stay logged in.


I never even noticed that you can log out!

Stacey Docherty

I use the iPad and iPhone and I never log out and the only cookies I know about are the ones I dunk in my cuppa!!

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