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I'm confused.  I thought that when I contributed to a thread, it would appear in my 'followed threads'.   But no.   Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.   And sometimes it starts off there, but then disappears (this happened with the 'Seed Swap' thread recently.

Can anyone tell me how to do this right?


same here Rosie. A week or so ago I started getting emails telling me folk had added a comment. but inbox was full so I've disabled that feature.


It seems a bit hit and miss.  Not all the discussions I follow appear in my list either.


Very glad it is not just me!  But it's quite frustrating...


I always look on my posts, that tells me which threads I have contributed to. If you click on your name in top right corner of the page it gives you the option to select my posts.



ah, that's a good idea Yviestevie.... thank you!

Papi Jo

One more weird behaviour of this forum.

I've noticed that in a "followed" thread, if I post a reply, then I have to click the Follow button, otherwise it's automatically considered as "unfollowed". Totally illogical.

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