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I saw in the March edition that there was an opportunity to join a forum called "magazine insiders" at However, when I go to this link there is nothing there. Is there some other way to reach the forum?



Thanks, I have joined up now.

Gardening Grandma

Pretty boring once you get on there, though. Perhaps it will develop.

Ah! The www. is critical. typed into chrome does not autocomplete to


I don't think it's really meant to be entertaining. 

I think they want to know about the readers. I gather the forum is more for entertainment. I used to work in an Editorial Office and we did surveys like this to try to find out what our most committed users actually wanted. I really like that they are giving us this opportunity to feed back.

Gardening Grandma

I supppose you are right, but actually there is little there except another forum and you would think that they could equally well use this forum. I wonder whether they have a promotions company working for them who are doing this research, in which case it does seem that it is just consting more money which we will have to pay in the price of the mag. Or perhaps I am just being difficult.

Hi Gardening Grandma,

My impression is that they are trying canvass the opinions of the kind of people who read every square inch of the mag. The link was very well hidden indeed so only the most dedicated readers would have followed it and ploughed through that enormous questionnaire.  

It seems to be a questionnaire system for lots and lots of magazines, so perhaps the cost to each magazine is quite low. 




Have you noticed that the poll about holiday expenditure on magazine insiders shows that the readership is incredibly varied economically? 25% in the lowest bracket, but then more than 25% in the £1000-£1749 bracket, and another 19% above that. Must be tricky to cater for such a wide range. Explains why I can never afford any of the "Free" plants.

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