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Not sure if anyone else has had a resonse to the missing Profiles, but have just had an e-mail from Daniel as follows:

The fix is in the queue, but I'm afraid I can't give you an exact date. Once a fix is found, there is then a test period on our development servers, to ensure stability on all platforms, browsers etc. So, apologies for the annoyingly vague answer, but the problem will be fixed as soon as possible.

If it's already been spoken about, apologies.

How odd.

Clicked on you picture and my profile comes up. Has your profile always been missing...


If I click in your profile Zoomer, mine appears.  Think this is what everyone is getting. I am no techie but something is wrong. Don't understand how these things just happen. 

Highland Jeannie
TinaTurner wrote (see)
 Don't understand how these things just happen. 

That's what I really don't understand with computers - fine one minute, then they go off for no apparent reason.  Our hub occasionally stops working; reset it & it's fine.  Why did it stop though? No-one seems to know.


I can only see me. Well done for chasing up TT.



No idea what happened HJ. Thought it was just me for a while until someone queried it on forum.  Don't like to keep on at Daniel because he personally can't do anything. Annoying.

Hi all, Michael here from the GQ tech team, we have indeed fixed this, it's not set for release for another week but I'll try and get it sorted sooner, in the meantime apologies for the delay...All the best. In the meantime, do keep on at Daniel, it's good for his soul ; )


Have just been reading posts about other blips on the site.  Did post on Morning Forkers that Daniel Haynes has informed me that the Profiles problem has been fixed and will be operational on Thursday.

May I suggest, without sounding like a bossy boots, that if you have other problems, you pm Daniel, who will then pass these on to the tech team.


Spell check not working too. If someone wants to PM Daniel, please do.


For those interested, profiles now working.  Spell checker not! Daniel is aware of it.

I'm orite then mi spelins gud


How many vinos Zoomer.

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