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I didn't want to open up those rubbish kitchen design places and get them up to the top of the forum again. Therefore asking on a separate thread. How does one report to the moderator? Perhaps if we all did it at once we might be noticed.

I thought you just clicked on "report to moderator"-but it seems they are quite happy to have this rubbish on here.


I have been complaining to the moderator about the lack of moderation, with no response. maybe a separate thread will catch someone's eye, but I suspect they are all too wrapped up on the big site revamp. 


nutcutlet i believe you may have a pm from dove (nothing to do with this thread) she asked if anyone saw you to pass on the message


Thanks blackest, I picked it up this morning. Found one from Sam as well.

I've just seen report to moderator below this post. Must have been blind before



Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone. We've removed these spam threads - if you find anymore do please use the report facility and we'll take action.

Daniel Haynes


Hi I reported the last lot. I know others did but thought the more that complain the better. 

Pleased they have gone 


Many thanks for sorting Daniel - I'm afraid we are keeping your "to-do" list pretty busy lately, but we do appreciate it when action is taken

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