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seaside oldie

Much prefer Monty, although Alan T is back on ITV soon I think, at least he will not be replaced on a regular basis by any random sporting event that is taking place.

Excitable Boy

I like Monty, but I still miss Geoff

I'm pleased Monty is back, totally agree more gardening programs need to be shown, and I hate it when GW is taken off for snooker.

I am a MD, Alan T, Alice and Joe fan and GW is always over too soon for me but I think there should be more and varied gardening programmes on tv.  I've seen some competition gardening programmes on some satelite channels but they aren't brilliant - not much substance as far as I'm concerned.  We need more quality gardening programmes on TV.  If you compare how many shows there on about cooking against how many there are about gardening . . . we are way behind!  Come on BBC - get a wriggle on please!


I love watching Monty & his garden. I find his laid back approach practical & easy to watch, also very inspiring.

I found the Toby version stilted & awkward in presentation & mostly silly if not cringe-worthy in content. The cool wall & how ever many minute projects?!  I always like Joe & Alys wasn't too bad, but they all seemed so awkward together.

I'd like to see Monty given an hour. He's my favourite presenter except for Alan Titchmarsh.


Excitable Boy

I thought James Alexander-Sinclair was fantastic on GW on Friday and having seen him at Malvern yesterday I have to say that this guy has real Star quality. Fantastic sense of humour and a great self-depreciating wit.


I am so disappointed with Gardeners' World, it now makes my heart sink rather than fill it with half an hour of joy. Monty may be in touch with the soil, but he's not down to earth!  His new greenhouse with attached coldframes has a larger footprint than many people's gardens and his potting shed is roomier than most people's front rooms.  His potting shed walls are adorned with numerous gardening implements, but just how many polished trowels does one man need? Many new gardeners on a budget would be grateful of just one of those shiny trowels?  He and his Chelsea designer chums are alienating a large part of the gardening nation ... it's not really Gardeners' World anymore.

And here we go again


Well, Bmib, you can take it or leave it, it's up to you!


And an off switch.

I don't like soap operas, car programmes, reality shows, endless  American 'series', guess what I do?

Isn't it time we perhaps moved on from this .....?


I suggest that next week's GW should come from my old garden - much more like 'ordinary gardens' 12' x 10' of North facing inner city yard - problem is you wouldn't get the camera crew in the garden in the fine weather, let alone in the rain.  

Do people complain about the gorgeous kitchens Nigella and Delia and Jamie and Nigel et al are filmed in?  Do they heck!  Do I hear people moaning that Nigella should film her programme in an 8' x 6' galley kitchen at the back of a city terrace?  How dare Jamie use that fantastic food processor whereas I have to cope with one where the switch keeps sticking and the blades are a bit blunt!

What is it with some people - you can't make a tv programme in an 'ordinary garden'.  

I agree with Fairygirl - if you don't like it there's an off switch 


What about the money that's wasted on Big Brother and Am a celebrity get me out of here that's just two to mention.

Andy19 wrote (see)

What about the money that's wasted on Big Brother and Am a celebrity get me out of here that's just two to mention.

Andy- 'Am a celeb' -is that the Scottish version?..and you should have put 'by the way' after it..!!!

And you're dead right...

Lol sorry Fairygirl just a minor error but there's plenty of good auld Scottish words we could use but would be hard for some to understand.


All TV programmes cost money to make.  It's up to you what you choose to watch.

Some have tiny budgets and some seem obsecenely extravagant.   Reality TV is generally cheap to make and it shows being, for me, unwatchable crud.  I like programmes that involve some thought, good research, good planning, some taste and some inkling that the viewers may have mroe than three brain cells chasing around their skulls and a memory span of more than two minutes.

I find GW with Monty Don quite dull but occasionally interesting and certainly good enough to spend half an hour of my time in front of the TV in the hopes of seeing something beautiful or learning something new.   It's way better than when Toby hosted it and I like it best when there's limited Joe Swift but that, as in all things, is a matter of my personal taste.



inspiration imagination persperation and technique are the main tools of a gardener. A Gardening program can give you the first and last. You don't need much to create your own garden but you need to have some of the other two to make something special in your own garden.

Maybe age has something to,do,with it, or pure nostalgia, but GW used to be exciting with Geoff Hamilton for me. But I think,that's what it really is...age and nostalgia.
Maybe I should present GW..I would feature hellebores, astrantias, salvias, echinaceas, ....ok hostas and fuschias Brum.....and veg and fruit. There would be a weekly "my jokes" section where I would repeat my very funny stories, finishing with "I'll get my coat"
You folks would love it.
And I would get paid!


I must agree,  that green house was bigger than my flat!

i am sure he is paid too much,,,,,,concidering how dissatisfied we all are!!!

Poor old monty i hope he never reads whats on here!

  (who remembers Percy Thrower) ?


Why oh why is there so much 'bitching' about GW - we should all be moaning about the fact that snooker, tennis, the royals giving birth.....etc. etc. in fact everything seems to take precedence to our beloved GW!  I wrote to the BBC last week complaining and just got told that they have to take everyones needs into account - what about what we should be doing over a bank holiday weekend in the garden - totally irrelevant!! 

Monty, I for one DO hope you are reading this because I think you are great, you are very honest about your successes and failures and, although I am green with envy at the sheer size of your garden, the probable money you earn to enable you to buy all those raised beds without having to ask for every Xmas, birthday and anniversary for the foreseeable future; I still think you present well and do give us what we need to make the most of our garden - just don't bring the dreadful Boden R Us Sarah Raven back and you are totally perfect.....!

AND ANOTHER THING - goodness, I never post on these things, but am obviously fired up!!  Yes, MD has got a big greenhouse and yes I do have greenhouse/coldframe/garden envy in a big way but Mr T had all these and was totallyhonest - you have to fit a TV crew and camera in as well as plants!  By the way....if you want 'down to earth'/back to the soil and other such nonsensical stuff - has anyone seen 'Beechgrove Garden'....bliss!!