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Now this might just be me, so sorry if that is the case. I have an iPhone 4, still running 5.1.1 as not enough memory to upgrade.  I'm unable to upload pictures although the tree logo is there, it takes me to select for computer but nothing then happens if I try to browse.  Does anyone know if there is a way round this?  I'm just having to email pics to myself, open on step sons laptop then save and upload from there? Any ideas greatly appreciated. 


There have been loads of posts about this issue, and the short answer is that not all site functionality is available on mobile devices. You can continue with your present workaround, or upload your pics to an app such as photobucket (available for iPad and iPhone), copy the link into your post and others can see the pic through that link. Some posters with full pc capability and a bit of nouse can load the pictures into the relevant thread for you.

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