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Does nobody have a response to my post? Moving a fig tree?
Help please!

But you haven't asked anything-when?how?where to? etc.............

To post just a blank message- with little info- does make it hard for anybody to respond



And how big is it? are we talking about getting a fork under it and shifting it across the garden or is it a JCB job?

It is 6 ft high and spreads over a 12 ft wide wall. It has been pruned several times and is thriving.



This has been worse than extracting teeth-

-however if the tree is dormant than now is a good time providing the new spot is not waterlogged or frozen-prepare the hole first before lifting -lift with as much of the rootball as possible.

Far better than moving anything in full leaf.

Presumably the advice would be the same whatever the size!

not sure that that's the case. You'd be unlikely to do much root damage to a small one. A big one might need some top cutting back to balance the root damage and stop it rocking about in the wind. Other than that it's as sotongeoff says. Much the same as anydeciduus tree/shrub.

And the proposed new site? East facing 20ft height wall

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