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Dear Daniel

It seems my reviews are increasing. They now stand at 1256. Thought you'd like to know.

Hi, Daniel..

My reviews also stand at 1256 and today I'm supposed to have posted this..

Posted: 08 March 2013 Overall: I have bought and planted hellebore orientalis seeds 2 years running. kept them in the greenhouse but have had no germination at all. where am i going wrong ?  

 Haven't been through the 1256 reviews but suspect I haven't reviewed any of the plants mentioned and certainly haven't sown hellebore orientalis seeds two years running.  


I'm up to 1256 as well don't remember doing that many 


Zoomer that is what mine says as well and I have not posted any


I've never actually reviewed any plants as far as I can remember - but it says I'm up to 1256 as well 



Mine is the same, it says 1256 and I haven't reviewed any plants.


Looks like time for another cake-any preferences?


Creamy gateau - totally over the top of course 


Mmmmm Cake - yes please


Just knocked this up in a spare moment


Bunny ...
You look younger than 5 on that pic Geoff ageing well

Benjamin Button??


Oh... How disappointing. i thought I was special having all those reviews.
Caz W

I seem to have written a few more now: "Caz W has reviewed 1261 plants"


I, too seem to have done zillions of reviews in my sleep; and they are nearly all pink flowers

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