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I've got to say that I love this website so much, only been on here since Saturday, but am now flabbergasted about how I managed to cope without for all these years. One thing I will say however, it might be nice if there were a few games on here. Not childish ones, but ones that let you log in what you've planted and when, like a log book and maybe one that lets you design your garden. I know that you can get apps like this, but for those who don't have apps or would prefer not to download them, then it would be great, know I would use them


Mmm, isn't it asking a bit much for the magazine to provide these for free?  We already get this lovely Board without it costing us a penny.  


I agree with Dove.  There's all sorts of free and payable software out there for designing gardens and, if you're that way inclined, you can make a spreadsheet to log your activities or just keep a diary.


Or if you want to share - then what about setting up your own Blog? 

Dove and Obelixx, totally appreciate what your saying, it was just if I had to find something to improve on, then thats what it would be, but don't get me wrong, you guys on here are interesting enough! And you have all the knowledge anyone could possibly ask for to do with gardening (although I'm sure they're not your only strengths!)

I am really greatful to the people who set up this site and apologise to you two if I've upset you or annoyed you in any way

Also Dove, I have a lot more knowledge to gain and need to build up a lot more confidence before I'd even consider my own blog haha, all that would be on there is 'how to grow marrow' :P



 No upset or annoyance at all Ryan - it's lovely to know that many people are excited by this Board and share our enthusiasm for growing things.

And a Blog doesn't have to be a 'How to do it' and none of us know it all  - it could be more about your journey - the failures as well as the successes - when you're ready 

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