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Dear Team treat myself to a new Apple pro and tried to log in, refusal after refusal over the morning period so signed in on my Apple i-pad with new password. Had this trouble before surely it should be much easier after you have posted as long as I have. Await your comments.

Frank, Palaisglide as was and still is I hope.

Doghouse Riley

I feel for you.

My old lap top gave up the ghost and I'm on a new one now.

I had Microsoft Office on the old one, but I wasn't willing to pay over £100  for it on the new one. So I'm running a free programme called Open Office which duplicates Excel.

It's been a pain as if I open any Excel files it tries to sell me the programme. So I've copied the information and deleted the old files.

Something new always causes problems, particularly passwords.

The biggest problem I've found is the keyboard is wider. We don't realise that when we're typing we aren't often looking at the keys so I was missing quite a few of them for a week or so.


Hi Frank, I'll contact you privately to resolve this as it involves disclosing sensitive sign in details.

Saw your message Nora and duly answered, the keep site open button suddenly appeared and I came straight in, are you a Witch I ask?

Hi DHR, promised myself an Apple for years went cheap instead a few times and rued it. Decided on Apple as a Christmas present to me suddenly last week decided not to wait, very next day after paying for the laptop the prices were announced as going up by £hundreds. Must have been my late wife saying go for it.

I trained on apple initially as none of the other elderly students would go on, then they would crowd round saying how did you do that including the tutor, the day I set the printer off printing a load of stuff the Tutor flew over asking how I managed she had been trying for weeks. here I am happy as a sandboy and been all over it already, very pleased indeed.


Got your mail Nora thank you just tried it again and straight in no problems.





Enjoy your new gadget!

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