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Hi everyone, I've not been able to sign in since I registered and, so far, have received no reply (not even an automated one) from an email I sent 4 days ago reporting the problem. Hoping someone here can help or give an insight into why the problem might be occurring.   I registered with last Wednesday (12/6/2013) and received a welcome email containing a link and a one-off code to validate my account. However, the link takes me to an ordinary signing in dialog which has a box for email address, password and captcha but nowhere to enter the one-off validation code. When I correctly fill in the email/password/captcha fields and click 'log in' it just returns me to the blank signing in dialog again as if I'd not entered anything (no error boxes or anything).   I then tried signing in using the one-off validation code in the password field and again using it in the captcha field - didn't think this would work but wanted to try everything - same result but this time returned me to blank signing in dialog with "wrong password/captcha" error indicated in a red box.
I also tried using the 'forgotten password' link which sent me an email containing a link to reset my password. I did this and was taken to a page confirming that my password had been changed and telling me that I had been automatically signed in. However I had not been signed in and had the same problem when I re-tried to sign in using the new password.
The account was definitely created, as if I try to re-register as a new user using either or both of the email address or screen nickname I used to sign up initially, it now says that this email address/screen name is already taken (didn't say this when I initially registered).
The validation link in the welcome email seems not to be quite right either as although the login dialog page it takes me to has the gardeners world banner, the title on the tab says "Login to BabyExpert" .....???   I presume all this is because my account has not been properly validated - how can I enter the one-off validation code to do this.
Cautious about posting my email address on here but the screen nickname I used to register is 'Gardenin Angel' if that helps any....   Thanks in advance.....

Sorry-but the fact that you have posted that indicates that you are signed in?-how else could you have done it ??

So completely confused and you name is displayed on here

Also I think the banner you are seeing is just an advert-but there are some odd things happening on this site of late that seem to take an age to sort out


This site should be renamed the The Twilight Zone, bizarre to say the least !


Just reply to a post even if you say testing. When I couldn't sign in I could only look and not post. If you're signed in the weather forecast at the top of the forum changes to your area and not London.


How odd!

when I tried to submit the above post I was taken to a page which said I was not signed in and had to do this before my message could be posted - tried to but had the same issues as above - kept returning me to blank sign in dialog etc.

Gave up in the end and assumed that my post had been aborted - weird?????

I posted it after doing the forgotten password thing which told me it had automatically signed me in but I didn't think I was as the 'join'/'sign in' buttons were still at the top of the page.

Something weird is going on because I ticked the 'email me when a response is made' box and there are quite a few replies yet I've had no emails......

Also, when I go to the login page the tab title reads 'Login to BabyExpert' ?????

Am now in contact with the tech team & hopefully can sort it out so that I can actually tell whether I'm signed in or not and don't have to use the forgotten password link everytime - runnin out of password ideas

Thanks everyone for replying - I have no idea whether I am signed in or not and this will actually post .....


GA I'm sure "techies" will sort it out. When I had probs signing in I found it so annoying to be told I'd typed the wrong thing. Hope to have you signed in soon.

GardenIn Angel

Jusf persevere with us......we're worth


im new to the site and also am

un to find out how to validate the code they sent m.

Any help will be gratefu rexived 


Hi Emma  What code have you been sent? I've been around for years and I haven't got any code

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