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Hi Davie am not far away from you in Stonehouse no did not take up the seed offer got enough to get on with just now.Seed trays planted and all showing heres a list of what i have.  Flowers

Geranium,Clome,Marigold,Sweet Pea,Rudbeckia,Dianthus,Cosmos,Verbascum,Foxglove,Burning Bush,Petunia,Cornflower,Hollyhock,Verbena Bonariensis,Alyssum Saxatile



Happy with them all so far but a lot of work ahead but looking forward to it and see the end results.


Pennine Petal
Welcome Andy, throw yourself into it and get posting, you'll find lots of helpful folk only to happy to answer questions on here.

Welcome and happy gardening

Welcome to all our newbies, hope we can all learn something from each other.


Morning All.

It may appear silly oclock, but im a nurse and work nights. Currently grabbing a quick break. Have picked up a lot of useful info already from here. Looking forward to growing my gardening knowledge and picking all your brains. 




welcome missyimpish

Thanks artjak. Looking forward to couple of days catching up/taking refuge in the greenhouse.


I see you are in Huntingdonshire, so not that far from the Fens where I am. I got my first Greenhouse last year; a retirement pressy to myself. I just love it, on chilly evenings I sit in there with a glass of wine and gloat; how sad is that?

hollie hock

Hello to all, I don't have a greenhouse......... but would really like one in an ideal one. Do all my stuff in cold frames, great results but you can't really get in one, glass of wine and a gloat.........doesn't sound sad artjak, just that your enjoying yourself


Hi Missy, I don't envy you on the nights. I can remember my first night shift, a year or 50 ago, by morning I didn't know which way was up. Add up those fluid balance charts I was told. maths was always my weak point and the numbers on the sheet kept wandering off.

gardening is much more to my taste. And the glasses of wine and the greenhouse. The space for a seat is the one big advantage of cold GH over coldframe.

Yore not far away from me either


Hello Missy.

Greenhouse club..Having a drink..can't fault you Artjack 


























Hi all

I'm new to this. I have had some inspirational ideas from here, and can't wait to put them in to action. 





oops,that was a bit low down


Hiya All!

My little city garden is now planted up and on the move growth-wise.

I enjoy visiting NGS Open Gardens (The Yellow Book) in the West Midlands. Be nice to start a Group where we could visit the same Gardens now and again.

Anyway, happy gardening,



Greenhouse wine club .....  Im glad its not just me haha. You cannot beat a cheeky vino whilst surveying your hard work whether thats in the GH or CF. 

I have some grapes on the go again this year.... mmmm??  

Chateau nerf du fen? 

Have a great day folks. 




Morning all, and welcome.  Hollie - maybe you could lie down for your glass of wine in the cold frame ?


hopefully get some pears this year and make more pear wine

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