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I may be wrong but I cannot seem to find a place to say hello and say what type of gardening experience you have, I am what you would call a total novice but of course they are the general and highly experienced, I would like to see a place where people like myself total novice could point this out and get some pointers thanks cal


You can always start by putting some details on your profile and then ask a specific question -there are lots of people only too willing to help

There is no newbie corner-but everyone is welcoming and everyone started somewhere

So welcome


Couldn't agree more with sotongeoff. Even experienced gardeners are still learning and   sometimes it is good to hear the basics again...there is often more than one way of doing some things and that often provokes 'good' discussion.

You are very welcome to the forum and I hope we can all help you with a good start to your gardening. There is no such thing as a silly question - if you don't ask the question you might never know the answer!    We are all learning, just some of have a head start (usually in the age department!)   


Hi cal, just create a thread to ask what you want, lots of really good people on the forum who will help and advise. Also you can read through discussions and pick up loads of tips. You can even have a laugh sometimes as well.

Welcome Cal

As Geoff says, you can introduce yourself with some information on your profile then anyone who wants a bit of background can see it without having to look in a special thread which might disappear down the page anyway. The search facility at the top of the screen is very handy when you want to see what has previously been posted about a particular topic - rhubarb, chickens, vine weevil, when to sow courgette seed or whatever.


Hiya - you are welcome just join in threads. No one needs permission on any of them.

Just ask a question or if you see on a thread something that you are not sure of just ask for more clarification. It's the only way we all learn 

Pennine Petal
Hi Cal, I was a newbie last year and now I definitely feel like an oldie!

Glyn, surely not! You seem to have been around for ever


Though, come to think of it, I was new last year too


Hi Cal, i started last year and just dived in with questions,, Now i have an allotment all clean, manured ,and tidy, just waiting to go this year and all due to this sites people giving me free advise, dive in no sharks here mate

Good Luck Alan4711

I am an experienced gardener but due to my advancing age I've had to have my garden remodelled. So I consider myself as a newbie as I have a lot to learn about growing all my fruit and vegetables in just seven raised beds 2.5M by 1.0M. Previously gardening area was 8M by 12M. So quite a reduction. There are a lot of people who already grow their crops in this was so I have access to many people who now know more than I do. Good luck wit your gardening.
Oakley Witch

Hi Cal, I just ask. Some may think they are daft questions but nobody ever says they are lol. I have had soooo much help and advise. Its great. Ask away and reap the rewards

Oh, and welcome 



welcome cal, were all new at something, different people have experience in different things, so lots of things are new to some of us. Like the others say, just post a thread with your specific questions (some may already be posted, so its worth having a look through them first). 

Hiya cal. We were all newbies once! Welcome to the forum. I'm not a mewby but I enjoy many of the questions from inexperienced gardeners because they make me refer back to the basics keeping me aware of what gardening is all about. Ask anything you like. You will get different.....sometimes conflicting ....answers though at times but that's part of the fun.

Hi Newbie--We are all still learning.  I'm an Oldie(age wise)--just getting back into gardening after have lost interest for a few years--I guess that makes me a returnee !! The main thing is enjoy what you're doing. We all make mistakes and hopefully learn by them--Happy gardening